Who We Are

CLSNOW was launched by CINEMA LIBRE STUDIO, a 33-year-old mini-studio devoted to high-quality, high-profile documentaries and narrative feature films that make a social impact. The CINEMA LIBRE STUDIO team knows that movies can make a difference in the world. They have distributed over 250 films and produced a few, which gave them the opportunity to work with masters of cinema such as Michelangelo Antonioni, Jean-Jacques Beineix, Oliver Stone as well as many unknown directors who were no less interesting.  CINEMA LIBRE STUDIO was created to give a voice to the voiceless, the minorities of all kinds and promote human rights and free speech. CLSNOW will do the same with uncut, uncensored, inspirational and thought-provoking feature films, documentaries, TV shows and podcasts from a different perspective to provide a different streaming experience.

PHILIPPE DIAZ created CINEMA LIBRE STUDIO 33 years ago. He produced 25 feature films and documentaries and distributed over 400 films in his career. He is also a writer and director. He oversees CLSNOW acquisitions.

CHICO BOWN partnered with CINEMA LIBRE STUDIO 18 years ago and recently created CINEMA LIBRE DIVERSITY to produce movies, TV shows and podcasts coming from marginalized group. He oversees the diversity branch of CLSNOW.

BETH PORTELLO is the co-founder of CINEMA LIBRE STUDIO. Having been part of the marketing team of Nike and adidas in the past, she became CINEMA LIBRE STUDIO head of distribution and specializes in the marketing campaigns of CLSNOW.

MICHELLE STOKES, joined CHICO BROWN 7 years ago and is now the head of TV productions of the studio. Having a background in marketing she also supervises the development and launching campaigns for the CLSNOW movies and TV series.

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